Sliding TV Door

Who already discussed if a TV belongs in the bedroom or not?

Some say a TV has no business in the room, others find the sight of the cables horrific, and others see a TV in the bedroom as a must-have. But it's not just the question about having a TV in your bedroom, the debate is also raised as to whether a TV belongs in the living room and whether it should still be the center of the room.

We don't want to go too deep into this question because the opinions differ widely. But with the raumplus Sliding TV Door, we have a solution for you.

The Sliding Door from raumplus is a multi-tasking door that combines interior design with entertainment. A flat-screen monitor incorporated into the door panel allows the closet door and room divider to be used as a TV or computer monitor.

Let’s call it, sophisticated undercover entertainment for a living room, bedroom, or teen’s room.

All locations where the trend is clearly towards having multiple media options available, however, kept discreetly out of sight instead of dominating the space.

High-performance, compact Bluetooth speakers take the place of a stereo system, while flat-screen TVs blend into media units when not in use.

The Sliding TV Door allows a monitor with a screen diagonal of a maximum of 55 inches and a weight of 25kg.

If you would prefer a small TV screen that’s possible. The only requirement is that the door height is between 135 and 275 cm and the width between 90 and 150 cm (equivalent to a 55-inch screen).


A comprehensive choice of colors and materials are available for the panel, allowing it to be coordinated with the room’s interior design.

The highlight of the custom-made Sliding TV Door is that it makes the technology invisible when it is not in use and, if necessary, brings it to the center of attention in a presentable way.

A multi-talent that can be incorporated into an interior design for a low-key but high-end entertainment experience.

Last year the Sliding TV Door attracted a lot of attention at the imm cologne and was awarded the Red Dot Design Award and the Choices 2019 award presented by Stylepark.

By using the Sliding TV Door you can have it all. Your multimedia center for watching movies with your family, playing games, or listening to music. You don’t have to choose between TV and a clean room.

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