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raumplus_Aluminum frame hinge door RPE

A small abbreviation makes all the difference: "RPE" is the name of the aluminum-frame hinge door presented at the IMM 2020, with which raumplus now also offers the option of planning and creating doors up to an impressive three meters high. The new door, which has been in the range since April, has already proven that it has the knack of XL formats in style.

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raumplus_Room division

For a long time, undivided areas were the epitome of generosity and openness - in both the private and the commercial sector. But preferences and general conditions are changing: those who can be reached all day thanks to digitalisation need a protected retreat. And in public spaces, arguments such as discretion or prevention of infection create a need for action in terms of separate rooms. With sliding door and partition wall systems from raumplus, these can be flexibly furnished anywhere. And elegantly provide the necessary distance.

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raumplus_Sloped Ceiling Solutions

raumplus can deliver much more than just a straight line. The customized room systems ‘Made in Germany’ exploit every inch of your living space, providing multiple options for use. Alcoves can become anything from a laundry to a workspace while (seemingly) dead areas under sloping ceilingscan be re-awakened to a new interior life. How? The Bremen-based specialists can provide exciting examples from past interior design projects. Take a look!

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Sliding door S720, pitch roof sloped ceilings solution

raumplus_Swing Door Slim Line, double-leaf

The new double-leaf »Swing Door Slim Line« for large wall openings from raumplus is a huge success in every sense of the word. It fulfils its function in such a brilliantly aesthetic, practical, and customized way that it has alread won the German Design Award 2020 in the category »Excellent Product Design– Buildings and Elements«.

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raumplus_German Brand Award 2019

raumplus and its excellent brand work have been honored with a second German Brand Award following the first in 2017. This year the expert jury focused on the overall exhibition concept for the IMM 2019. The Bremenbased company used the new location in Hall 11.3. to create an entire realistic floorplan behind a wooden façade that showed its comprehensive competence. And proving that it is truly a master of interior design.

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raumplus_Sliding TV Door

It is a sliding door and media center in one. The latest raumplus development elegantly combines interior design with entertainment. A flat-screen monitor incorporated into the door panel allows the closet door and room divider to be used as a TV or computer monitor. The versatile »Sliding TV Door« will be premiered at the IMM 2019. Be sure to tune in!

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Sliding TV Door

raumplus_Room divider

For a long time, open living was on the crest of the interior design wave: seamless architecture saw dedicated spaces for cooking, eating, relaxing, sleeping and bathing merge into one. But desires change: when digital technology makes people available around the clock, they crave privacy. This is exactly what raumplus’ sliding-door and partitioning systems provide. They are ahead of the game and offer the new “must haves” of interiordesign.

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raumplus_Heads or tails

raumplus is a master of the art of room dividing. At the 2010 I Saloni the Bremen specialists for walk-in wardrobes; sliding door and partitioning wall systems in German quality have also again shown that they are not only the right address for technical perfection but also for attractive aesthetics. Their door panels – incorporating “in” colours and digitally printed trend motifs from numbers to barbed wire or, put succinctly, whatever you want – have set interior design trends in fashion hotspot Milan.

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raumplus_Simply excellent

The products of the Bremen specialist for sliding door and partition-wall systems proved to be price worthy twice in the same way. With the iF product design award and the homesolute award raumplus received excellent critiques both from experts and consumers. While the iF jury awarded a prize to the room separation program »Cornice«, the users of the online magazine homesolute opted for the sliding door profile system 3000 being their favorite. In Bremen, the double design award is interpreted as an obligation to keep on developing »excellent« products.

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raumplus_Starlight by Express

Children’s rooms – not the final frontier. And we are lucky to be able to go where no man has gone before – with the help of raumplus the chaos on board can be easily beamed away. Bespoke sliding doors in a spacy design cleverly take advantage of even the smallest storage space to conceal everything from clothes to computers out of sight, allowing us to concentrate on the star charts instead. Space gliders from Bremen, to make every day weightless.

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raumplus_Wash & Go

A washing machine gives even the most beautiful wellness temple the soapy feel of a laundrette. Bathrooms are, however, often the only place offering the space and connections for this indispensible household aid. raumplus thus demonstrates how to cleverly banish the porthole look out of the limelight. The S 300 folding door provides flexible visual and sound protection with minimal space requirements and maximum aesthetics. Clever use of a niche guaranteed to stop you getting into a spin.

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This raumplus island isn’t in the middle of the ocean, it’s the focal point of a walk-in closet and designed to make life easier. The central sideboard combination can be used to display watches, jewelry, and more besides in illuminated drawers under a glass counter top. Perfect for keeping accessories tidy and a contemporary dream for your dressing room.

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raumplus_S1200 LED Iconic Award

With the innovative illuminated sliding door S1200 LED raumplus has created a design highlight, which, by changing the lighting temperature, is able to stimulate human biorhythms in a completely natural way. The sliding door with adjustable light brightness and color functions has now been honoured with the Ionic Award 2017 in the »product« category.

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raumplus_Folding and Hinge Door S1200

raumplus will be presenting two product highlights at the imm cologne 2018, both perfect for confined spaces. The S1200 folding and hinge doors are the newest additions to the S1200 series and both incredible space-savers, making them the ideal solution for small rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

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raumplus_S1200 LED

Right from the moment we are born and see the light of day for the first time, it is a key factor in our feelings of well-being. These feelings are affected both by the alternation of light and dark and also the changing quality and colour of light over the course of the day. raumplus has now simulated this in an innovative new illuminated sliding door with adjustable light brightness and colour functions, allowing interior design to mimic human biorhythms in a completely natural way.

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raumplus_German Brand Award

raumplus was pleased and proud to accept the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Interior & Living” in Berlin. Just one year after its inauguration the award, that honors particularly successful brands, is already a coveted distinction in the German brand segment.

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raumplus_Aluminium Frame Hinge Door RPS

The new raumplus Aluminum Frame Hinge Door RPS combines elegance and visual lightness to create a head-turning result. The innovative hinge system is, quite literally, the lynchpin for this exclusive new product and is seamlessly integrated into the slim-line profile.

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raumplus_Purse bag

We’re not talking about »George« or »Brad« but women are nevertheless falling passionately in love – with the raumplus purse/bag hook that premiered at the 2016 IMM. It is the perfect choice for ensuring that our beloved leather accessory doesn’t get pulled out of shape or, worst case, damaged when stored. And the holder also makes for a tidy, well-organized closet. A truly fantastic helper, even if it does nothing but hang around all day.

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raumplus_S1200 S1200 LED 30 years raumplus

The Best Age - 2016 sees raumplus celebrate its 30th anniversary as a strong, vigorous company. Set up in 1986 by company founder Jürgen Guddas, the Bremenbased specialist for sliding doors, room dividers, and interior systems has grown and flourished continuously. When Uta and Carsten Bergmann, the second generation of the family, took over the helm in 2001 the company was already well-established. The couple has successfully developed it into today’s international player. With a presence in 70 countries on five continents raumplus is now indisputably a “best ager”.

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raumplus_S3000 Medical practices

The same rule applies to (storage) interiors and photography – the light has to be right. Poor lighting leaves us in the dark and too-bright light results in overexposure. Correct positioning and lighting colours are required to create the right atmosphere. raumplus offers bright ideas that take all the factors into consideration to show the contents of your wardrobe in its best light.

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