Sliding doors with glass panels for an unobstructed room-in-room feeling

Sliding doors with glass panels are an elegant solution when you want to bring structure into a room, but at the same time do not want to do without light and view. A partition wall made of glass always appears light and remains discreetly in the background.

Take a large, bright room, which offers a lot of space but only few possibilities to separate the living areas. This can cause difficulties in everyday life, for example when one person has an important conversation or wants to read while the other watches his favourite TV show or works in the kitchen. As beautiful as an unobstructed room is, it is just as pleasant to be able to share it from time to time. Thanks to sliding doors with glass panels, this is possible at any time. Because all raumplus sliding door systems can be used as room dividers, the design possibilities are enormous. Glass is available for the infill in addition to many other variations. It is no wonder that this material is often used for room dividers, since a glass partition is largely invisible and thus blends in perfectly with its surroundings.

On the floor or on the ceiling: sliding doors with glass panels glide everywhere

Sliding doors and room dividers from raumplus can be installed in various ways. The most popular are the bottom guided variants by means of an attached or recessed rail. The floor rails guide the door rollers, which can bear a weight of up to 180 kilos, almost invisibly. There is no load on the ceiling. This means that sliding doors with glass panels (or other variants) can also be installed in rooms with lightweight ceilings. If the floor is to remain untouched, for example because it has a special covering or if absolute accessibility is required, the ceiling-guided Air system is the right choice. Here, the sliding doors with glass guide run along a rail along the ceiling. An invisible guide fitting prevents swinging. However, the ceilings must have the necessary load-bearing capacity and be able to bear the weight of 60 kilos per door.

Sliding doors with glass panels or do you prefer all-glass-doors?

Whether sliding doors with an infill of wood and wallpaper or sliding doors with glass infill: the special look of raumplus sliding doors is made up of several elements.

First of all, there is the aluminium frame, which is available in anodized silver, light or dark bronze and powder-coated white, black and in all RAL colours. In addition to the standard version (e.g. in the sliding door system S720), the frame can play a different optical role. The S1200 series, for example, has a circumferential, extra narrow profile view, while the aluminium profile of the S8000 series is almost invisible behind the panel. As a highlight, the S1200 LED series stages the frame by illuminating it with an LED stripe.


The second element that characterizes the door is the infill. Whether wallpaper, metal, board or wood: almost everything is possible and combinations are also possible. Sliding doors with glass panels are among the most popular variants, and not only in the area of room separation. The chosen frame determines how much the infill is staged or how unobstructed the view is. Sliding doors with glass panels are particularly exciting when alternating between dark and light. The combination of a glass partition wall with the LED system is also very effective.

In addition to the sliding doors with glass panel, which are framed and held by a matching aluminium frame, there are also all-glass doors. This variant has a thickness of 10 millimeters and is particularly suitable when a room design without any visual limitations is desired. Thus the glass partition wall merges seamlessly with the corresponding sliding doors and vice versa. Despite the limitation, the room thus appears almost boundless.

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