Own a wardrobe fit for the queen

Have you ever asked yourself what the wardrobe of the queen looks like?

Queen Elisabeth II has spent over 60 years of her life as the queen. Her life is far from average and her wardrobe collection follows suit. The Queen has had the opportunity to wear extravagant outfits and to be able to collect an immense amount of clothing, but where does the Queen store her royal collection?

Her Majesty’s clothes are stored on an entire floor of the Buckingham Palace. Very impressive isn’t it? Do you sometimes wish that you had this much space to organize your clothing?

To wake up, have easy access to all of your favorite outfits and to be able to start your day feeling like royalty? At Stylish German Bedrooms, we can make your dreams a reality by designing and installing a fitted wardrobe in your home which would be fit for the Queen.

The wardrobe chaos is not a foreign concept for many and this is no longer just the case for women. This is where the more accessible wardrobe comes into play. The advantages are obvious, it offers more space and an enormous amount of storage. Moreover, it offers you much more than generous storage space for your clothing.

The raumplus system allows you to let your creativity flow, affords you space and organizational remedies to all of your needs.

You will be given a variety of personalizing options when you create your dream wardrobe with raumplus, including,

  • Personalized door panels
  • Beautiful wardrobe surfaces
  • Impressive door frame colours
  • Lighting for your walk-in wardrobe
  • Accessories for your uwardrobes

Choosing an outfit has never been more satisfying.

Together, let’s create a space which is fit for the Queen.

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