Open concept office solutions

Open offices are no longer uncommon in the modern work space, but that doesn't mean that open offices are for everyone. In fact, the opposite is often the case. Imagine that 30 employees would be accommodated in a large open concept office. Affording the employees very little to no privacy, limited noise protection, and even more relevant, minimal protection from circulating sicknesses.

Although the theory behind open offices is quite reasonable, with the idea to create a sense of community, togetherness and accountability among the employees. It is very easy to become distracted or to distract others while working in these large concept work spaces. Both acoustic and visual stimuli can distract employees from their work and make them counterproductive. The idea of an open concept office holds great merit and there must be a way of using the extremely positive attributes of theory to create an environment which balances productivity with community. 

Is there a way in which employers can create open concept offices which promote togetherness, that is productive, accountable and safe? raumplus operates on the understanding that there is a solution for every individual office space. Our revolutionary designs allow for the ability to create an open concept office which enhances and optimizes the relationship between space and efficiency. 

The raumplus room partitioning systems are one solution which offer incredible flexibility to your workplace. It is now possible to create an open concept office which maximizes employee concentration, by reducing distracting acoustic and visual stimuli. Even more impressive is that these partitions enhance the sense of community, togetherness, and accountability that an open office aims to produce. raumplus offers many different partition options to upgrade your open concept office. 

You can choose between partition wall elements, such as wood, metal or glass. Moreover, you can personalize these partitions by adding blackboards or magnetic surfaces, which gives your employees extra space to be creative, work together and stay organized.

Our partition systems can be used at room height or a sliding wall, you can even create a personalized room-in-room system which is completely independent of the ceiling. With all of these options, and more, raumplus can revolutionize your open concept office. We appreciate the need for community and accountability, but we also recognize that not all employees can operate in the same environment. Allow us to help you build an open concept office which suits the needs of your company and your employees.

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