How to store your clothes correct

If your wardrobe doesn’t offer enough space for all your clothes, you can keep just the seasonal clothes.

To avoid a bad surprise when you change the clothes here are some tips for store your clothes.


First of all, you must make sure your clothes are clean. Are all pockets empty? Than its time for a laundry!

Rose-Marie Riedl from the International Textile Research Center Hohenstein institute in Bönningheim advises that washing your close is very important, because the smell of sweat attracts moths. "The exhalation of humans and dander in the clothing are very seductive for moths," explains the expert. A neutral-smelling garment, on the other hand, is of no interest to the animals.



Now that your clothes are ready to be stored the question is where and how do you want to store them. If you just have a small place to store some boxes than you could make use of Vacuum bags. These will save you some space and they also protect your clothes. If you have extra space you could build a sloped ceiling or use your loft for an extra wardrobe. 

To make sure your clothes smell good you can add a fragrant sachet with lavender, this can also help against moths. 

Finally, you should make sure your clothes are stored dry, clean, cool and dark. Nothing will be in your way to use your clothes for a next season.





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