Find the right style for your home

Our home should be our retreat from the daily hustle, it is set up for our needs and it reminds us what we love, and who we are.

The question of your furnishing style is of concern to every furnishing fan. There are so many different living styles. The minimalistic with Scandinavian design, with nude colours or the rustic country house style, are just two of them. Some prefer to keep it with one style but a lot of people use a good mix of punch styles.

How can I find the right style?

Get inspired. Stroll through furniture stores, browse Pinterest, and Instagram. There are also great facility magazines and even entire programs about renovations, interior and decoration. You are also welcome to exchange ideas with your family and friends. It can take years before you find your style. But always try to style your home in the way you or your family likes it. This is way more important than following every trend. You are creating a space where you feel home and secure. 

There is no shame in getting help with designing your home. No matter if it is an interior designer from raumplus. The good thing is, strangers see your apartment from a different perspective than you do. This will give you new ideas and lets you pick the best to find your living style. Experts do not just focus on your style, they also help to create a functional space. Enough storage for your belongings and the perfect conditions for your needs.

Important factors before buying

Pay attention to the type of apartment/house

The architectural style, the building materials, and the room layout can limit the possibilities of design. It makes a big difference if you want to plan the interior for a wooden house or a modern loft.

The quality of the furniture

Cheap furniture and decoration are there like sand on the sea. You want to invest in furniture that will last.

Good furnishings are expensive and that is why it is important to speak with an expert before investing in new furniture. They should be functional but still perfect for your home.

Pick your feel-good colours!

Colours affect the mood and the feeling of a room. Everyone feels them differently and needs different colours to feel good. With textiles, furniture, wall and floor colours you can achieve certain effects. The colour palette is large and leaves plenty of room for creativity.

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