Bedroom Colours

A bedroom is way more than just a room in your home, it is the living space that you spend roughly one third of your entire life in.
With this being said, do you think it should be well designed? At raumplus, we believe that your bedroom should offer you a place to escape from reality, relax, and reset for the challenges of the day. In order to create a dream space, we have some room colour tips, design recommendations, as well as bed and wardrobes to fit. 

Colours can affect people’s moods and feelings, therefore, when you design your bedroom you should choose a colour scheme that represents your desired mood as well as your furniture ensemble. In general, red and orange are stimulating for the mind and therefore less suitable for the bedroom and pastel coloured tones are more reserved and calm.
Also, several colours and contrasts can make a room livelier.

So how can we choose the right colour?

Symbolizes: Activity, Dynamics, Temperament, Warmth

Red counts as the colour of sexual energy. It is a very energetic colour. Choosing to design some parts of the bedroom in red can give it a special touch or accents some bedroom features. Choosing neutral colours for the wardrobe could allow you to choose a red carpet or pillow to highlight and brighten up your space.

Light Pink
Symbolizes: Optimism, Joy, Positivity

Colour therapists and other professionals suggest that the colour pink in the bedroom can promote sleep. Light pink is a very soft and sensual colour which can help you to find inner peace and serenity.

Sky Blue
Symbolizes: Harmony, Contentment, Calm, Infinity

There is a universal connection between shades of blue and relaxation. Blue can remind you of the sky or the water. It has a positive influence on our pulse and blood pressure.


Symbolizes: Peace, Happiness, Security and Health, Relaxation

Green is often used for infant, guest and bedrooms. There is a common link between green and peace, happiness, security and health. The cooler the green is the more relaxing it can be. Experts also say that green seems to reduce people’s sensitivity to noise and. therefore is perfect for bedrooms which are on the street side.

Symbolizes: Coziness, Grounding, Warmth, Security

Warm, earthy tones of brown can be cozy and provide a feeling of warmth and security. It is recommended to not use a dark shade of brown for a large area because it could create a depressing setting. A light brown can be very nice on the front of a wardrobe or on an individual sideboard.


Symbolizes: Purity, Cleanliness, Order, Lightness, Perfection

A bedroom with white walls and white furniture can look clean and fresh. Also, it can very quickly turn into a cold, boring and sterile environment. White is a very classic and timeless color but it needs to be properly accented to make the room really come to life.

If you are still not sure which would be the best colour for your bedroom. You can use our online configurator, find some inspiration in our photo galleries or on our social media accounts. Also, you can book a free design appointment and use our service to create your dream living space.

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