Our answers to frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, let us know at info@raumplus.co.uk.

1. General

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How expensive is a raumplus wardrobe with sliding doors (in comparison to a standard wardrobe from another premium-segment vendor)?

It’s impossible to generalize since a huge range of parameters must be considered when planning a customized wardrobe, all of which affect the price.

Here’s a theoretical example:
A built-in closet measuring H 2.75 m and W 3.00 m and with an interior system can cost from £2,150 to £8,000 depending on the fittings and the on-site conditions.

That’s why we don’t provide product prices on our website. Every product that leaves our factory is unique. Making it impossible to quote standard prices.

Your specialist dealer will be pleased to advise you, help you to plan your individual dream solution and then calculate the price.

Can I buy raumplus products online?

raumplus products are big-ticket items designed to last a lifetime and leave no wish unfulfilled. Every raumplus product is custom-made to your unique specifications – which is why you can only buy them from specialist retailers. Pay them a visit to experience their passion for the product and to plan your perfect solution face-to-face.

Where can I buy raumplus products?

We sell our products exclusively through a network of specialist raumplusr dealers.

How do I find my nearest raumplus specialist dealer?

Visit our Partners page in the main navigation to find your nearest dealer.

How long is the guarantee I get on a raumplus product?

raumplus stands for quality, which is why we provide customers with a 10-year guarantee on products manufactured at our facility in Bremen/Germany and covering design, manufacturing and processing defects as defined by the guarantee provisions in force.

What makes raumplus products different from other manufacturers’ products?

Diversity: Our choice of sliding door frames (both in shape and colour/finish) Quality: High quality standard of every single component and across the entire manufacturing process Service: Personal service from planning through installation on site by trained specialist dealers and fitters. Passion: A massive passion for interior design and customized solutions plus the promise “Made in Germany”.

What makes your sliding doors different from all the others?

raumplus doors don’t slide, they glide! For over 30 years now we have focused solely on perfecting the running technique behind sliding doors. With the result that our doors glide shut, often as lightly as a feather. raumplus stands for perfect running technology.

Does raumplus also sell stand-alone pieces of furniture?

Yes, our range also includes stand-alone, mobile modular furniture that can adapt to both small rooms and large, open-plan areas. Including formats from short and compact through long and slim. Depending on their dimensions, these pieces can be hung on the wall or mounted on furniture feet, foot stands, or plinth frames.

Thanks to materials, colours and surfaces that are designed to co-ordinate with raumplus systems, these products, such as chests of drawers, are perfect both as attractive solitaire pieces and also in versatile combinations.

2. Planning

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My living room has a complicated footprint. Can I still have a raumplus wardrobe installed?

Yes, this is where raumplus products are particularly strong. They can be customized to fit your space right down to the last millimeter. No matter whether a small alcove, sloping ceilings or a chimney breast, speak to our raumplus specialist dealer – we will have a solution.

What options do I have when designing my raumplus product?

Every product that leaves our factory in Bremen, Germany is unique. Every wardrobe and door is custom-made to your specifications – allowing you to choose whatever door panel, door frame, colour or wardrobe design and decor you want. Unleash your creativity!

Can I change the look of my built-in wardrobe’s sliding doors and/or revamp them to match a new decorating scheme?

Yes! You can change the panels on your sliding doors to fit your new wishes even years later. When doing so, you should, however, ask a raumplus specialist dealer to custom plan and realize these changes for you.

Can I retrofit extras in my existing wardrobe?

Yes, depending on the wardrobe line you can chose from a wide range of accessories such as a clothes lift, pull-out pants hanger, etc all of which can be retrofitted, assuming you have enough space for them.

Does raumplus sell “barrier-free” products – i.e. that are also suitable for wheelchair users?

As a matter of principle, all raumplus systems are barrier-free, no matter whether hanging systems that require no bottom track or systems with bottom tracks that are inserted flush to the floor. In addition to this, at only 6 mm high our surface bottom tracks present no obstacle to wheelchair users.

3. Production, shipment & installation

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How long will it take to make my wardrobe?

Following consultation with your specialist dealer we can deliver your wardrobe on schedule 5 weeks after the design has been approved for manufacture. This ensures that the delivery time and installation are co-ordinated to avoid any delays and that your specialist dealer can tell you exactly when you can expect your wardrobe, based on our and his order books. 

Where does raumplus manufacture its products?

raumplus quality products are manufactured at our company headquarters in Bremen / Germany.

Who will install my raumplus wardrobe?

As a matter of principle, raumplus wardrobes are installed by trained fitters. Our products are quality products and in line with our philosophy, we also have high standards for installation.

4. Special Requirements

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What solutions can raumplus offer for uneven walls / ceilings or floors?
We also have solutions for uneven walls, ceilings, and floors. You have various options – the adjustment mechanisms for our doors can already compensate for minor unevenness and, in addition to this, we also offer height-adjustable bottom tracks and a range of wall connectors to balance out uneven walls and floors.
Can I still install raumplus sliding doors if I have underfloor heating?
Underfloor heating does not present any problems for our ground-running systems as the bottom track is glued directly to the floor and no screws are required. The situation is different for our hanging sliding door systems or hinged and folding doors as they must be anchored to the floor. In such cases we will need to check beforehand if there is enough space above the underfloor heating for the anchoring mechanism.

5. Technical Information

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How are the tracks fixed to the floor?

Depending on the surface (tiles, carpet, wooden floor), bottom tracks are either glued onto or inserted directly into the floor. In some special cases (depending on on-site conditions) it may, however, be necessary to screw the bottom track to the floor. Your raumplus specialist dealer will provide you with more information on this issue.

How can I get technical information on raumplus products?

To obtain technical information, visit the relevant product page or ask your raumplus specialist dealer.

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