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Raise Your Purses!

Instagram user Nicole Ambaum’s purses can look forward to a bright future because their owner is about to provide them with stylish support – two exclusive raumplus purse holders. The holders were offered as prizes in a competition we ran on Instagram in September. The small accessory delivers a clever solution to a big problem – the kinks, scratches, or even tears in leather that come from storing purses flat or standing. A problem that disappeared overnight when we launched our holder. All you have to do is hang the shoulder strap or handle of your purse – no matter what kind – over the rectangular hook attached to a clothes hanger top and then hang it on the clothes rail in your closet or interior system. The 2-piece raumplus set, available in Dark Bronze or Silver, has quickly become a firm favorite with the ladies. Nicole Ambaum, who used the hashtag #wellnessformyhandbag#raumplus for her entry, will now be getting that wellness free house. Congratulations!

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Mix & Match

Variable sliding door or fixed dividing wall? At raumplus this is not an either-or decision because both options can be combined to create a whole that is both creative and harmonious. Or as the dividing line between kitchen and dining room with sliding doors that opened when the cooking is finished while keeping the preparation area permanently hidden behind dividing walls or to structure an attic space with static walls under the eaves and sliding doors in the taller center of the room – there are numerous options to achieve a perfect Mix & Match of systems. So get mixing!

Design Germany-wide

We are “Bremer” - the historic Hanseatic city is our headquarter. To get to know all our furniture systems, there are, however, other alternatives to taking a trip to the Weser – raumplus has an extensive network of specialist retail partners that covers the whole of Germany. From Kiel to Mittenwald and Aachen to Dresden a total of 1,969 craftsmen and furniture stores sell our program; 64 of them even have their own attractive raumplus exhibition areas. Simply click on the “Dealer” button and the program will list all our partners in your area, including their contact details. You can be confident that you will be taken good care of since we only entrust competent retailers with the task of providing technical advice and fitting our systems – Germany-wide.

 Climate Protection Certificate

The greatest possible degree of product protection while putting the least possible strain on the environment – this is our mission when it comes to packaging. That this strategy is producing results has now been confirmed by Interseroh GmbH, the company that recycles our transport packaging for us.
Based on an in-depth study by the prestigious Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute on the reduction of greenhouse gases Inteseroh has established that our recycling efforts last year resulted in a 26,647.80 kilogram reduction in greenhouses gases. This is equivalent to the average CO² emissions of a car driving 180,000 kilometers. The raw materials that we have recycled join what is known as the materials flow, thus not only avoiding unnecessary CO² emissions but also saving an additional almost 36,000 kg of resources. We view the corresponding “2012 Climate Protection Certificate” that has been issued to us as both a confirmation of our activities in this field and a motivation to continue and expand them. We invite all our partners and business contacts to join us in these efforts.