raumplus wins award


Exclusive BRANDmark

We were pleased and proud to travel to Berlin last Thursday to accept the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Interior & Living” on behalf of raumplus. That we would quite literally be carried to the award ceremony on a wave of success was, however, something that we couldn’t foresee. The gala evening in Germany’s capital city saw not just a flood of guests but also as much rain as usually falls in a whole month. Luckily for us, the German Design Council organizers of the ceremony didn’t flounder when confronted with record-breaking rainfall. Instead they provided the guests waiting outside Friedrichstrasse’s Volkswagenforum with a welcome drink that ensured they were as “wet” on the inside as on the outside and, following the lecture program, provided the 500 guests with transport to the Historisches Museum so that no-one got wet on the way to the gala afterwards. Raumplus was among prestigious company, with prize winners including Lamy, Porsche, Lufthansa, Bretz and NOMOS Glashütte. We appreciate the German Brand Award as recognition of our internationally successful brand and also see the exclusive “brand mark” as a quality commitment to our customers.

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Flexible but Down to Earth

raumplus bottom tracks can be used on any surface. No matter whether carpet or tiles; parquet or concrete; landmarked or brand new; our bottom tracks are always up to the job. The inserted version can make rooms barrier-free; the surface version is just 6 millimeters in height, making it easy to walk over. Single or multi-track the bottom tracks guide our sliding doors safely in the long term, even over the uneven floors typical for old buildings, and can also be perfectly matched to any RAL color.

Fast-action BOXes

Fast-action BOXes

The way to get everything tip top in the shortest time: Our versatile BOX PUR organizing system provides structure for closet drawers, ensuring that their contents stays where it should be. Be it jewellery or lingerie; belts, watches, socks or ties, everything has its own custom-made place. Saving time-wasting searching and avoiding unholy alliances – such as necklaces and nylon stockings. The clever Ultrasuede drawer inserts are available in black or white and two heights and depths. Anodized aluminium frames and dividers can be grouped into different sizes. Special modules for necklaces, watches or jewellery create perfect storage for those small treasures which love to disappear into the depths of a drawer. An extra profile even allows a space-saving solution where two BOX PUR elements are stacked on top of each other. Anyone who values order and needs fast access in the morning rush should be sure not to miss the action.

raumplus accessory

raumplus listens to its female customers. And they kept on asking for a smart purse/bag storage option that would safely protect different size and format purses and bags from kinks, scratches, and tears in the leather. The purse/bag holder we developed in response has become a firm favorite with the ladies since being launched at the IMM 2016 in Cologne. The cross between a hanger and a specially shaped metal bracket offers non-slip storage for purses, no matter what the material. All you have to do is hang the purse handle or shoulder strap over the rectangular hook attached to the clothes hanger top that can be hung on the clothes rail in your closet or interior system. Making it child’s play to quickly find the right purse to go with your outfit; get hold of it easily; and then put it back into the closet, where it will be protected from scratches and dust. Good organization that not only benefits the eye but also the closet, since there is no longer any risk of shelf surfaces being scratched as purses are pushed or pulled along them. The 2-piece set, available in Dark Bronze or Silver options, is a true professional, even if it does nothing but hang around all day.